Our Approach

40 Capital seeks to bring modern management, investment processes and financial structuring to the region. Acting as a bridge between international investors and local stakeholders, it seeks to build sustainable solutions across its sectors.

For international investors, it seeks to ensure transparency, process and management combined with attractive entry valuations and sustainable long term business models. 

For local stakeholders it seeks to address their needs for rewarding employment and sustainable development as well as providing sustainable solutions to their environment.

40 Capital works with both regional and global technical expertise to supplement finance skills and local partnerships in our chosen sectors; skilled management and technical expetise is a key focus given the huge potential to significantly increase productivity and therefore wealth in the region.

Global skills & Local Partnerships

I have been brought up in a nation that has changed beyond recognition over the last 40 years and now proudly sits at the centre of global economy and commerce. I see in Central Asia the same potential – people, resources and a path for development. This process is never a straight line but the fundamentals and destination are clear.

Abdulla Al Neyadi, Chairman

Economic reform led by Uzbekistan combined with current global trends are expected to initiate a new era of growth for Central Asia. With strong local partnerships, 40 Capital believes it is building the platforms for investors to participate in the future of this development.

Richard Cecil, Managing Director