Green Energy & Data



By 2025, every person in the developed world will have at least one ‘interaction’ with a data center every 18 seconds of their lifetime. Our demand for internet and smart technologies is increasing rapidly.

‘The numbers above highlight what is happening online in just 60 seconds, showing that in the near future our demand for internet services will be huge. At the same time, power usage within the information industry is growing rapidly. This makes it vital that we reduce electricity use in data centers and implement more efficient energy solutions to create data center sustainability and cut CO2 emissions’.      

– Danfloss


Krygyzstan and Tajikistan are located on two of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, Tian Shan and Pamir. Their huge glaciers and significant annual precipitation provide a constant supply of running water.

40 Capital is seeking to build client portfolios of mini-hydro projects (2MW to 30MW) based on run-of-the-river flows. These projects are low capex, quick to build and offer a high return. In many cases, the projects are linked with new data centres, ideally suited to the region given the provision of cheap green electricity, cold temperatures and supply of water and dry air.


Uniquely, within the Central Asia region, Kyrgyzstan is the only country to fully source it’s water from within its territory. The mountainous terrain lends itself to self-sustainable water.

40 Capital intends to harness this region’s hydro-energy to meet growing global demand. Businesses need cheap hydropower and Kyrgyzstan has the natural resources and regulatory environment to meet requirements. 40 Capital is currently executing several projects from 0.5 – 100 megawatts.